Unidas Rent a Car Portal

Project Overview:

  • Client: Unidas Rent a Car
  • Project Context: The goal was to develop a new version of the portal focusing on increasing conversions, acquiring and effectively treating leads, creating a consistent design, and segmenting the market regionally.

Research and Discovery:

  • Research Methods: Data analysis from the existing portal, user behavior analysis using Google Analytics, and Heatmaps on Hotjar were utilized.
  • Assisted Navigation: Hotjar navigation recordings were used to understand user interaction with the portal.
  • Key Findings: Analyses revealed user behavior patterns, friction points in the navigation experience, and regional preferences.

Problem Definition:

  • Main Problems Identified:
    • The need to design a new user interface and develop a Design System to maintain consistency in the design of components and functionalities.

Implementation and Results:

  • Modular Structure: A modular structure with adaptable component patterns was implemented to ensure flexibility and scalability of the portal.
  • New Design System: A new Design System was developed, establishing visual and functional guidelines that would serve as a foundation for other company sites.
  • Increase in Conversions: The successful implementation of the new interface and Design System resulted in a significant increase in conversions on the vehicle page.


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